Our gang proved there’s no better way to kick-off your summer than to spend a week surfing and hanging with friends in a tropical paradise.

We had waited so long for this trip. Nine teenagers and four chaperones, all with a host of hopes and dreams. The anticipation was painful. But summer finally came, and on June 17th we were gone, heading for one of the most beautiful places on earth for seven action-packed days of surfing, swimming, new adventures, and new experiences. The week passed way too quickly, but the memories will be with us forever. Read on, and relive our adventure with us. Pura Vida!

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Clockwise from top left: The gang queued up and ready for adventure; Hanging out in LAX, waiting for the plane; Halfway to Costa Rica, and Carter can’t wait; Onboard the bus for a two-hour jungle run down a lonely dirt road; The Jungle Beach House, in Nosara, our private compound for the next seven days; Of course, the first thing to do upon arrival is grab something to eat.

We came to surf and that’s what we did! By the end of the first day everybody was up and riding waves, thanks to some great surf instructors at Safari Surf School. Clockwise from top left: Camille and Carter with their boards; Safari Surf instructors flanked by Maura and Mattias geared up and ready for surf; a few stragglers traversing a path through the jungle to get to the beach; A victorious Rebekah with her surf instructor Helberth; Maura showing ‘em how it’s done; Emerson is clearly bitten by the surf bug after just one day of surfing with coach Mike.

After a morning in the water, time to enjoy the local scenery . From left: Camille and Brendan take a ride into town; Rain clouds move in for a daily cooling-off shower; Jungle boy Emerson has clearly gone native.

We were all about kicking back, taking it easy, and, of course, eating. Clockwise from top left: PA and cohorts Rebekah, Brendan, Mattias and Ethan chillin’ in the ranch; Katie and crew helping out in the kitchen with food prep; Lunch is ready and nobody shows up late; Playing football on the beach — with a coconut?; The gang — happy, fed, and ready for what’s next; Emerson and Rebekah can’t seem to stay out of the water.

Every-other day we gathered for an hour of yoga led by local yogi Natalie who showed us a number of asanas — of course, the shavasana was everyone’s favorite. It felt great, both in body and mind leaving us relaxed, re-energized and ready for our next adventure.

On Day 3 we performed the service portion of our trip by visiting a local elementary school just outside of Nosara. As part of the Pack-for-A-Purpose program, we filled backpacks with school supplies and distributed them among the children, visited their classrooms and played an exciting game of soccer. Who won? We’ll just say, those little kids know how to play futbol!

Our gang, so awesome — always ready with a friendly word and a helping hand, eager to step beyond their comfort zones to experience life to the fullest. You’re all fearless, and we salute you! Top row, from left: Dinner Chef PA; Ethan, Mattias and Brendan; Emerson. Center row, from left: Katie; Staffer Carter; Nyah and Camille. Bottom row, from left: Maura; TwoCan Retreats’ Mike and Stacy; Rebekah.

This group just couldn’t stay out of the water, whether it was a dip in the pool or standing outside in a downpour. Lucky we didn’t decide to take an ocean swim that night.

Taking a break from surfing, from left: The girls heading out for a bike tour of the local haunts; Stacy and Rebekah taking a jaunt on horseback along the beach; The crew suiting up for a zip-line tour through the jungle canopy.

All good things must come to an end. It was a fantastic week of fun, friendship, adventure, new experiences and a trunkful of memories that will last a lifetime. Until next time. . .

Want to join in on next year’s Teen Surf & Yoga trip? Drop us a note and let us know you’re interested!


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